At TenneSEA, we have lots of activities that we use to educate students about water and our environment.  We draw from standards-based activities similar to those found in the Project WET, Project WILD, and Project Learning Tree curricula.

For example, we used all the activities listed below with our local students at Scenic Land School and Thrasher Elementary. Kid tested! Fun AND educational.

Erosion Exploration – Students learn about the causes of erosion and explore its effects.

Testing the Waters – Test water quality of local streams using LaMotte test kits and Coliscan easygel bacteria tests; survey for presence of stream insects / critters

Enviroscape – Students use Enviroscape models to learn about domestic groundwater pollution.

Who Dirtied the Water? – Students identify various types of water pollution and learn different methods for cleaning it up.

Stormwater Assignment – Students make a PowerPoint presentation describing the sources of pollution around their campus and propose solutions for that pollution.

Water as an Apple – Cutting up an apple into parts to represent the world’s water supply

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