Stormwater Assignment

The Assignment: Make a power point to show the PTA discussing your observations of erosion and pollution on the Thrasher campus and your proposed solution to these problems. Here are the directions for each slide.

Slide 1: Make up a title for your presentation, and then list it, your name, and your homeroom teacher on one slide. Some example titles are “Erosion Problems at Thrasher” or “Thrasher Erosion Solutions” or “Water Watcher Presentation”.

Slide 2: Put Introduction as the title of your slide. Write a definition for erosion, and add a picture that shows an example of erosion. Add a caption for the picture that tells what the picture is.

Slide 3: Write Observations as the title of your slide. Add 2 photos of your favorite erosion sites on the Thrasher campus. For each photo, write one sentence describing what you saw when you looked at that erosion site. You can include things like “cracks in the concrete” or “holes in the dirt”.

Slide 4: Write Hypothesis as the title of your slide. Choose your favorite erosion site from Slide 3, and put its picture here again. Write one sentence about why you think erosion is happening there. Then choose one of the brainstorming solutions we talked about in class (like “plant trees” or “redirect gutter downspouts”), and write one sentence about this solution and why it will fix the problem.

Slide 5: Write Experimental Design as the title of your slide. Write what your solution is again here (like “plant trees”, “redirect gutter downspouts”, etc.). Add a picture of your solution idea. You can draw the picture yourself or find one that already exists.

Slide 6: Write Materials as the title of your slide. Make a list of the materials and tools you would need to build your solution, like shovels, gravel, trees, etc.

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