For the past 15 Years we have been known as Caribbean/TenneSEA.

Now, we have a NEW NAME!

The Caribbean and Tennessee Environmental Alliance is officially transitioning into a new brand, WaterWays, on April 28th, 2019.

Now you might ask, why change it, and why WaterWays? There’s a few simple answers.

  • The name more accurately and completely reflects who we are.
  • Our mission has expanded to now include watershed protection, stream restoration, and stormwater reduction, while continuing community based actions to reduce sediment, sewage, and plastics/ litter.
  • Our new name, WaterWays, better reflects who we are and better positions us to achieve continued success in the future.
  • WaterWays has more than one meaning. It could simply be the water course, but also means that our ways and our actions impact our water. This more accurately reflects what this organization believes in.

IMPORTANT: WaterWays will continue doing business as (DBA) Caribbean SEA in the Caribbean Basin because we are legally registered in St. Lucia as such. Caribbean SEA is an important part of WaterWays, and WaterWays information will still include information about our Caribbean work.

We Have a New Logo and Slogan.

We wanted a logo that really conveys our work with people in watersheds, and emphasizes our name in a simple way. Our new logo depicting a handprint in a water drop shows these connections.

Clean Water, Healthy Communities depicts a double meaning: both human and natural communities depend on clean water. We also reconnect humans to their waterways and water to human health, which are elicited by this slogan.

We’re Launching a new program; Adopt-A-Waterway!

Our new Adopt-Waterway (AAW) program is similar to Adopt A Highway, but for our waterways! ANY group of community members can “adopt” a manageable section of their favorite local creek, stream, or tributary in the Chattanooga area and agree to help keep it clean for 2 years.

They will also be rewarded with a nice sign at the location of the adoption, with their groups name on it, just like Adopt A Highway. Click here to learn more about how to Adopt-A-Waterway.

Social Media / Website

After May 4th, our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts will update to @mywaterways. The Caribbean SEA Facebook page WILL remain, solely for our work in the Caribbean. Folks following our work in Tennessee and outside of the Caribbean can continue to follow our efforts on our @mywaterways pages.

After May 4th, all of our events, including our #Kids4CleanWater camps, will be found on our @mywaterways Facebook and Eventbrite pages.

Stay tuned for an exciting website update towards the end of the summer.

For more information about our 15th Anniversary Events, click here, or check out our current Facebook page (@CaribbeanSEA).

Special thanks to Make Beautiful for their hard work and generosity in helping us create the WaterWays official video. Check it out on our new Youtube page, and make sure to check them out!

Thanks for sticking with us now, and forever to help us achieve our goal of clean water for all.

Please direct any questions to

Current Accounts

Post May 4th