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Caribbean SEA Board

President: Mark Curran, Boston, MA Sustainability Consultant
Treasurer: Connie Hill, Chattanooga, TN  Renewable Energy
Secretary: Jenny Miller Garmendia Monterey, CA Marine Science and Policy
Past President: Robert Blenker Palmetto, FL Renewable Energy in Latin America and Caribbean

Members at Large

  • Dr. Andy Novobilski, Dahlonega, GA University of North GA Technology and International Outreach
  • Miguel Partap Chattanooga, TN and Trinidad; Accountant
  • Gillian Charles-Gollop Barbados, Banking / Renewable Energy
  • Paula Valero  Portland, OR  Sustainability Consultant
  • Lily Bergasse, St Lucia, Education and Environmental Advocate, Sailing Event Organizer
  • Laurena Primus, St. Lucia, Electricity Sector/ Training Manager