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Drinkable Danish Water

The latest addition to the list of places with E. coli-infested drinking water is a surprise: try Denmark. The city of Copenhagen just gave the okay to drink tap water without boiling it first. The boil order was on for about a week. What a hassle! And in Europe, even! Just goes to show that […]

Rainforest Camp!

YAY! We survived!! Call me crazy, but I love Rainforest Camp!   This was my second time at the camp near the Des Cartier trail in St. Lucia (and Caribbean SEA’s 5th year of camp!) and even though by the end I was sleep deprived, covered in mosquito bites and extremely dirty, I would go back […]

Local E. coli

Yuck! I just read through an August 2010 report on impaired streams in Tennessee, and guess what I found? Escherichia coli, and lots of it in the Lower Tennessee River watershed. In Hamilton county alone, there are tens and tens of miles of creeks and streams with medium to high E. coli counts, some due […]

Great Ocean Facts

Conservation International sent out an email today with these great facts on it! I just can’t help but share them with you!!   70 Percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans. 1 Percent of the Earth’s oceans are protected.  1 billion People worldwide depend on the ocean as their main source of protein. 52 Percent of the world’s […]

Summer Watering Reminders

In the hot drought-oriented summers of the US Southeast, lawns and plants could easily turn brown and die off without extra watering. However, an average of 30% of that water evaporates off without actually making it into the ground, and in desert climates like the Southwest, that loss can jump up to 50%! So if you […]

How do you measure success?

This is my second summer in Saint Lucia and while it doesn’t actually surprise me that pretty much everyone can spot Mary Beth and me from a mile away, I always get a kick out of hearing the kids yell at us while we’re on the road – “MARYBETH! MARYBETH! When is camp!?!” Our goal […]

Domestic Water Woes

Contrary to popular belief, the US is not free from the water quality problems that plague many developing nations! After a water supply breach due to extensive flooding, the city of Minot, North Dakota issued a “boil order” for all residents. Imagine how different your life would be if drinking or even using your tap […]