Oh, the Luxury of having Potable Tap Water!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have made it back into the United States of America!

Due to some difficulties with flying standby and full flights out of Santo Domingo, I am very excited to say this! Not only because I am a very proud American, but also because, as much as I LOVE travelling to St. Lucia and the Dominican Republic (which I need to tell everyone about still…), I also love having safe drinking water at the turn of a faucet.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have this water insecurity thing – I can’t leave the house without one of my water bottles, and I always have a jug of water in my car in case I need to refill it out of reach of a water fountain/sink/hose (I’m not picky about source, I just need water!).   But in some other countries, you really can’t do this. Trust me, I tried and failed. You have to buy bottles/bagged/jugs of water. And ooooooh do I hate bottled water! But what’s more is that some people absolutely cannot afford to buy clean water. Nor do they have the means to keep their water clean (read: septic tanks or sewage lines). But hey, maybe this is why I’ve chosen this line of work… I want everyone to be able to have the same idiosyncrasies as me! And not have to pay the price of their health to do so!!

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  1. sheila
    sheila says:

    Maria, I totally concur. Like you, I carry my water bottle everywhere with me..sometimes 2 or 3.
    For people living in the Caribbean, lack of water is a frequent event. We would store drinking water in glass, rum, vodka or other liquor bottles.
    One night, I woke and took a big gulp of what I thought was water stored in a white rum bottle…what a rude awakening..it was over-proof rum.
    I’m looking forward to your St. Lucia and DR adventure tales.

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