I’m flying solo… but not really

Day 1: Captain’s Log
Thanks to the wonderful growth of Caribbean SEA over the last couple of years, I am able to live and work in St. Lucia for a year! I’ve been there twice before for summer camps, but this is my first time here by myself.  And yes, part of me is nervous because I am leaving a great (great great great!) network of friends and coworkers behind and I absolutely love the city of Chattanooga, but at the same time, I am so excited! I’m so optimistic about this coming year and I think that there are plenty of opportunities to be had. And as nervous as I am about leaving my amazing Chattanooga support team, I am realizing how great of a support team I have here too! And although I never had too much of a shell to begin with, this is gonna make me break out of it for sure! It’s gonna be a fun year, St. Lucia!

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