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Testing all that needs to be tested….

So here is the new website……and it’s in WordPress. If you notice the URL is https://www.caribbean-sea.org. It’s been a long few months as we’ve migrated servers…email….applications and put all our “web” stuff in one spot. Email is back up and running (mostly) with a new gmail backend. We’re also simultaneously tweeting and pushing the blog […]

Earth Day!

This has been a busy week for us at Caribbean SEA – it’s Earth Week! We started off the week by visiting Calvin Donaldson Elementary School on Monday and Tuesday to show the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders how their everyday actions can affect everyone in Chattanooga, the United States, and the world!  They have a […]

Caribbean Beach Party coming soon!!

Come have some fun and dream of the Caribbean!! Our Beach Party fundraiser will be at the Mill in the southside this year…with the rocking tunes of Milele Roots! We are also working on our new website…so have some patience with us as we transfer and change things. yikes! Beach Party. February 25th, 2010. The […]

A look at the Hurricane through another’s eyes

http://hurricane-soforthilfe-st-lucia.blog.de Take a look at Sven Homscheid’s blog about the aftermath of hurricane Tomas on St Lucia. He works for GTZ on renewable energy projects in the eastern Caribbean. The kids did get back to school last week across the island. There are still many areas with out water, however. This week, our amazing volunteer, […]

St Lucia after the Hurricane

Dear Friends, For the last 10 days, I was in hurricane ravaged St Lucia and have an update for everyone. On Friday, October 29th, St. Lucians were told that Tropical Storm Tomas was headed their way from Barbados. Since it only stayed 3 hours over Barbados, most people continued in their final preparations for the […]

summer in the islands

Maria loves St Lucia, especially the Maria Islands! Dominica, St Lucia, Curacao….the common thread is the Caribbean Sea and this critical time for the survival of the coral reefs and most of the life in the sea. If climate change doesn’t make you feel the need to do something, go look at the reefs that […]