How do you measure success?

This is my second summer in Saint Lucia and while it doesn’t actually surprise me that pretty much everyone can spot Mary Beth and me from a mile away, I always get a kick out of hearing the kids yell at us while we’re on the road – “MARYBETH! MARYBETH! When is camp!?!”

Our goal here is to work with the communities, especially the kids, and get them excited about their environment.  At Rainforest Camp, which is the last week in July, we take them to various place on the island (including the rainforest obviously, but also to see the reefs and mangroves) that they otherwise would probably not be able to visit.  We show them why they should appreciate and respect their environment, then teach them the means to do so. Since we have kids from communities from all over the island, we also have them meet with their community groups to come up with ideas to keep the kids active throughout the year.  And this year, I am actually moving to Saint Lucia to help them implement these ideas! (Although some of the groups have been doing a great job on their own!)

So we have excited kids, we have great community leaders, and hopefully I will be able to provide some extra resources for all of them in the next coming year.  It sounds to me like it’s gonna be a pretty successful year for Caribbean SEA!

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  1. Shae
    Shae says:

    Maria, You will do so well in St. Lucia. From what I read and see (pics) you are really a great “kid” person.
    I’m betting the whole community already loves you and your energy.
    Enjoy the experience.


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