Earth Day!

This has been a busy week for us at Caribbean SEA – it’s Earth Week! We started off the week by visiting Calvin Donaldson Elementary School on Monday and Tuesday to show the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders how their everyday actions can affect everyone in Chattanooga, the United States, and the world!  They have a constructed wetland in their schoolyard that we used to talk to them about what makes it healthy and where the water comes from.  Then we showed them the tributary of Chattanooga Creek that runs behind the school – it has been concreted, is covered in algae and since it floods so easily, there was trash everywhere.  For each of the classes, we had the kids pick up (at least) one piece of trash (some got a little overzealous) and then they had to line up and pass each piece of trash down to the end person so they could see what would happen if everyone threw down one piece of trash.  That’s always the activity that hits them the hardest I think, and they have lots of fun with it! And we do too!! This program just amped us up even more for our “Kids 4 Clean Water” camps that we are having this summer!

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