Thanks to USXPress and all our Bonnaroo Volunteers!

WHAT A WEEK!!  We started this week in the 95 degree sun working with Clean Vibes on our REcovery of reusable goods at Bonnaroo.  The rest of the week, we welcomed lots of new visitors to the shop and put together more tents than anyone thought possible!  Thanks so much to the volunteers who helped us in Manchester and at the shop, Manning, Mary Catherine, Rita, Mike H, Ginger, Michael, Rijn, Wenona, Heidi and Adeline, Corinne, Caleb, Vanessa (all the way from Bogota!!)  Bob, Cierra, Katie, Lizzie, Mary Taylor, India, Sean, and ESPECIALLY the amazing ladies, Mollie and Berry who always help coordinate this cleanup!!  MC, DJ, Manning, Caleb, Vanessa, and Natalie really helped out at the shop as well and Tyler coordinated volunteers.  Here’s the link from usxpress about our partnership: We couldn’t have done it without you all!


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