Thanks for a GREAT Beach Party!!

It’s not too easy pulling off an event after delaying it because of snow. It simply would not have been possible without the help of so many folks….esp Connie, Annette, and Angela! Without them, this party would not have happened! Then add Larry, John, Susan, Rebekah, Melissa, Lavonda, Emmy, Maria, Christine, Corinne, Nancy, Mary, and Tom…..who did amazing work and then Pam and Maureen were our auction ladies and Matthew helped set up. So many volunteers helped and so many folks were very generous in their donations and the Tennessee Aquarium, Leisure Time Dive, Pruetts on Signal Mountain, Contemporary Portraits, and Athens Distributing all sponsored our event. Nice. So thanks, one and all! You did it for the kids and the water, both in the Caribbean and home in the Tennessee Valley.

P. S. Watch for event pictures from the Forehands!
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