St. Lucian teachers go above and beyond…..

In Mabouya Valley, St Lucia, a wonderful cadre of teachers spent a week of their summer vacation learning interactive teaching methods from Al Stenstrup of Project Learning Tree ( , Dr. Padgett Kelly from Middle Tennessee State University and the National Marine Educators Association and me. They even began to implement what they had learned by hosting a River Guardians camp for kids in the valley! In early December, I had the chance to visit with one of the teachers, Flora Renee, at her house high on the side of the valley. Her son, Denzel and another energetic young man, Danic, are leading the youth effort to measure the water quality around one of the pig farms where we are installing a biogas digester. With the guidance Caribbean SEA youth leader, Pernill, from Dennery, these boys are doing great work! They are destined to become great scientists! I think we need Natalia to write an article for the paper about our up and coming scientists!

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