We work with many gifted and passionate high school students in St. Lucia, an island whose education system model was inspired by the British system. After they complete their high schooling, they have the option of continuing their education by first attending 2 years of college on-island (equivalent to the last 2 years of high school in America), and then from there, possibly continuing on to university studies. However, many of the students cannot afford to go to college immediately after high school, so they spend years working to build up the funds to attend college. As often happens, those who delay schooling for work sometimes end up delaying school forever.
CaribbeanSEA provides scholarship funds to help these students attend college sooner than they would be able to on their own. Students are expected to share in a percentage of the cost, and they are generally happy to continue working with us on projects as they are in school! Some of our current and upcoming scholarship recipients will be listed here soon, so stay tuned for more!
Our first scholarship recipient is Miss Keiwa Simpson, who has had the dream of attending university to study marine biology and environmental policy. You can read about Keiwa’s Fund here!

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