Mountain Creek Water Keepers at Skyuka Hall (formerly Scenic Land School)

About seven years ago, maybe even more, I had the honor of first bringing Kids for Clean Water activities to the then Scenic Land School.  I think I learned more than the kids during that first experience. This is an incredibly special place.  When we started working on further protecting Mountain Creek through stormwater green infrastructure, this was the school on which our model was based.  Nearly five years ago, we were awarded a non point source pollution abatement grant through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  With grant funds and matching, the grant totaled $153,000!!!  This week, we will celebrate the GRAND OPENING of a nearly one acre stormwater wetland partially designed by the Scenic Land School children with lots of help from Joe Sawyer, Leslie Jakobs, Mike Price, Matt Stovall and Matt Hamilton.  It all started with the kids.  And while the stated function is to treat stormwater running off the Four Squares parking lot and buildings, the wetland will really be the most amazing outdoor classroom for the now Skyuka Hall children as well as the greater community.  And everyone downstream will benefit.  The students even made a presentation to Bill Raines, owner of the property, about what they wanted to see in the wetland.  Their prime wish was for frogs and salamanders.  This spring we have seen thousands of tadpoles!!!  Congratulations to Mr. Raines for persevering through the ups and downs of this process to become a pioneer in our community for retro fitting with green infrastructure!!

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