Invisible Children

Although we mostly focus on environmental education, there are many issues out there that are close to our heart. In Juancho, where we work in the Dominican Republic, there are over 50 kids who are considered “invisible”. These kids are unacknowledged by the government – they have no papers, which means that they have no chance of ever going to school, getting a drivers license, or getting a job. Catherine Colby, who is our liason for our work in Juancho, has worked out a deal with the local elementary school so that these children may attend through 4th grade, but they must have uniforms! Catherine goes to the Dominican Republic monthly and is collecting long khaki pants and light blue polo shirts (thats the local uniform), packs of socks and underwear (boys and girls), and outgrown sneakers (sizes 5-12 boys and girls). She will be leaving November 10th, so if you or anyone you know can donate any of these items (new or used), please let us know! You may email for more info or to find out how to donate.

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