Current Projects in the Dominican Republic

Community Awareness                                      

Our work in the Dominican Republic started when energy generator company EGE Haina asked us to help with the social responsibility projects they have been diligently working on in the towns of Juancho and Enriquillo.  For us, that meant teaching a Health and Hygiene Seminar for Women’s group in Juancho, classroom programs at an Enriquillo Primary School, helping educate fishermen on the importance and protection of mangroves and coral reefs, education programs for children in Juancho, and Teacher Training programs with water quality evaluation in Juancho and Enriquillo.

EGE Haina
Project AWARE


Reef Check: Juancho 

Reef Check is a non-profit organization that provides scientific training for volunteer divers to assess the health of coral reef systems all over the world.  Because the fishermen in Juancho depend on the health of the coral reefs for their livelihood (and because we always want to make sure the reef is protected!!), we are making an effort to educate the public on coral reef importance and care.  In order to monitor how the reef is (hopefully) improving , we are collecting data from transects in the local waters.

EGE Haina
Columbia SCUBA 

Muchos Peces en el Mar

Maria designed and wrote this infographic to educate fishermen for sustainable fishing.

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