Dominica after Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Relief for Dominica

Our co-workers and associates in Dominica were devastated by Hurricane Maria September 20.

Hurricane Maria intensified to a vicious Category 5 storm just as it slammed in the picturesque island of Dominica.

The lush green landscape is now brown. The rainforest trees and all trees are now stripped bare. Landslides and flooding have collapsed roads and villages.

We have friends and colleagues from all parts of Dominica who are now homeless. Our Rotary friends, our friends who are scientists, educators, farmers, government workers, including those who provide water and electricity, are also homeless. Many churches are gone. Schools won’t reopen until January at the earliest.

Funds collected will go directly to the rebuilding effort of those friends and colleagues coordinated through our St Lucia office. Most of us have never experienced the fury of Category 5 hurricanes, but we all can help those who have.

Please consider donating to help them get back on their feet and back to protecting the delicate ecosystem.