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Kids, Storm Water, and a Playground

  We all want to teach kids about clean water…..So what if you put them in charge of actually cleaning it. After investigating the ditches and runoff coming onto their playground, students from Thrasher Elementary School began trying to figure out what they could do to slow that water down and clean it up.  they […]

Out with the old, In with the NEW!

Happy New Year from the GEAR CLOSET and Caribbean SEA!  As you clean out your old stuff, remember that we take all outdoor gear, from the technical to the sublime…including clothing, running gear, and just fun stuff!  Thanks for making The Gear Closet a successful fundraiser for CLEAN WATER!  

SEA Creatures Activity 3: Marine Fish

In case you haven’t noticed, the SEA Creatures clubs are starting with marine life and making our way onto the land as we go along(from reef to ridges!).   There are millions of species of marine fishes, and they all just happen to be great examples of how body shape and coloration make it possible […]

Belize Clean Water Camp

It was Coral Reef Day at Clean Water Camp for San Mateo kids in Belize! We did a lot of studying how the coral reef was alive and the diversity of life found there. Everyone here likes to and needs to fish so losing fish populations would be a huge problem for them! Then the […]

Headed to Belize!

Caribbean SEA is collaborating with Belize Community Conservation, an NGO based in Canada to bring Clean Water Camp and improved water and sanitation to the community of San Mateo. They have been plagued with illness and death due to contaminated drinking water. Rotary International is also involved by providing some water filters. Belize is Fun […]

SEA Creatures!!

I have been working on a project for the better part of this year, and I am just so excited about it that I can’t keep it under wraps any longer! Last May, I interviewed and chose 36 wonderful rising Form 4 and 5 students from 5 secondary schools around Saint Lucia.  Last week, these […]