TenneSEA Stream Teams

This year, we have progressed from having one Stream Team to now having six and counting! Our Stream Teams are comprised of students across the Chattanooga area who are pledging to be stewards of their watersheds. They focus on asking questions and creating solutions for improving our local waterways.

These students have received training in water monitoring and protection, as well as learning to be an engineer. They have constructed their own tools for water testing, and they have been leaders in teaching other students how to observe alterations in water quality. They have even helped with design ideas for stream bank stabilization projects on their school’s property. These kids understand the need for clean water!

Our Stream Teams are collecting data on the watersheds of our city. Their data will be posted on our website for anyone to see. We will be sharing that data with our public and private partners to help piece together the health of our streams, creeks, and river. These students are helping us understand our environment and where it needs our help the most.

Youth are our upcoming leaders. They are taking their future into their own hands because we all live downstream.

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