• Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance

    Clean water is our passion!

  • Caribbean SEA works to make a difference from within.

    We work with business leaders from island nations who will sponsor local environmental projects.

  • Clean water through education

    Caribbean SEA works in the islands and at home in Tennessee to educate future protectors of our environment

  • Clean Water Today

    for a better tomorrow

  • Our Projects Begin With Education

    Since through awareness, you can generate action

  • TenneSEA is the local division of Caribbean-SEA

    We offer summer camps for kids and educational workshops for teachers to learn about our environment

The Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance
works throughout the Caribbean with local partners
to empower local youth to take care of their water,
from the Ridge to the Reef.

The Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance is devoted to clean water, both in the Caribbean and in the southeastern United States.  We run camps and educational programs in Caribbean countries like St. Lucia and Dominica to educate children and teachers on how they can impact water quality in their areas.

We also maintain a presence in the United States through our TenneSEA program to help our kids in the southeastern United States make the connection between our everyday actions and our water quality.

My Tennessee

Clean Water Starts with YOU!

We are rewarding homeowners, businesses, schools and churches for taking care of our water by starting in their own yards.

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The Gear Closet

The Gear Closet is a re-sale and consignment store for outdoor gear and clothing in Chattanooga raising funds for Caribbean SEA and TenneSEA clean water projects.

Sponsors of Caribbean-SEA