Projects in Curaçao

REEF Fest Curaçao

We have partnered with Curacao based organizations, Lee’s Reef Project and Kids for Coral, to expand their services of teaching coral reef ecology and snorkeling lessons to primary and secondary school children in Curacao. Four years ago, we began REEF FEST, which trained local teachers to become the experts in coral reef education so they now teach their own students to celebrate the coral reefs and protect them for the future.

Al Stenstrup, from Project Learning Tree, has been an integral member of our training team and Dr. Padgett Kelly, professor at Middle Tennessee State University and board member of the National Marine Educators Association, has been instrumental as well.

Beginning this year, we will train a team of local teachers to be the trainers for Reef Fest Banda Bou as well as Reef Fest East, which is in the planning for the Willemstad area of the country. We could not accomplish our training efforts without the assistance of sponsors which include Project AWARE, the Curacao Tourist Development Board, Aqualectra, Sunset Divers, and Sunset Waters Beach Resort.

REEF Fest Curaçao Project Pictures  — Can’t get these pics