The Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance
works throughout the Caribbean with local partners
to empower local youth to take care of their water,
from the Ridge to the Reef.

The Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance is devoted to Clean Water, both in the Caribbean and in the southeastern United States.  We run camps and educational programs in Caribbean countries like St. Lucia and Dominica to educate children and teachers on how they can impact water quality in their areas.

We also maintain a presence in the United States through our TenneSEA program to help our kids in the southeastern United States make the connection between our everyday actions and our water quality.

The Gear Closet

The Gear Closet is a thrift store for outdoor gear and clothing in Chattanooga raising funds for Caribbean SEA and TenneSEA clean water project.

Kids 4 Clean Water Fall Adventure Camp 2017

Fall Break Adventure Camp October 9-13

Hiking, canoeing, caving, help band birds, play in the creeks, and so much more!

When you enroll with us, you will be helping your child create memories that will last a lifetime and learning that will inspire them!  Grades: 3 – 8

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